»Mallorca’s hidden magic... The island has never been seen like this: beyond all touristic chaos and finca romantic, severe, spare, rough, almost repulsing, but irresistible beautiful. «

    VOGUE, Germany May 2010

» Mallorca without any humans: .....the island was never seen so pure...«

    SPIEGEL Kultur online by Nora Reinhardt, 16 March 2010

TV Docu – Bräuer’s Mallorca is different. There is something philosophical in his images, showing the islands original simplicity. Jörg Bräuer is famous for his twilight photographs of the Mediterranean island Mallorca. His photos never include people and are a stark contrast to an island normally associated with mass tourism … .
>>>> See docu-film in English on Youtube click this link

    EUROMAXX / Deutsche Welle TV by Sharon Berkal June 2010

»The photo artist loves the island, he lived 12 years in Barcelona, before moving to a small house in the middle of the nature in Mallorca. His images are calm, intensive and powerful; they hold moments, that are touching and let you go deep - a short holiday for the senses.«

    NOVUM Issue 03/10


2014 Monography Anne Derasse Interior Architecture, Belgium
2010 Monography Jörg Bräuer “Mallorca – the nature of things“, Munich

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