Edge of Silence, Boundaries
Large Format Photography

Man-made and natural boundaries are one of the oldest forms of elementary structures that shape the basis of our social environments. Establishing a defined border is a statement and has a function. As a symbol of peace, a boundary sets limits and by doing so marks out an area where peaceful existence without argument is possible. It is fundamental in defining the inside / outside of a space and in demarcating peaceful terrain.

While in one respect the structure of the boundary acts as a sometime peacekeeper, its presence is also a matter of controversy. The division of space violates the harmony of unspoiled landscape grace and restricts free passage. From this continued controversy – the space/ place’s constant exposure and open resistance, defense and sometimes intrusion – a fee in the form of the adoption of object to the environment is made. This fee, which manifests itself in decay and deterioration over time, makes each boundary unique to its environment and can even turn the dividing structure into sculpture. It is here that a new and deeper aesthetic and meaning emerges.

Editions 8 + 2 – Pigment print on cotton paper, Framed size 172 cm x 108 cm